Mainstage Design is a specialist boutique graphic design/PR studio that caters for musicians, venues, record labels, booking agents and promoters. We are located in the heart of Dublin city, Ireland. Besides our love for music, we believe that design sits at the very core of true brand success, and our collaborative approach ensures great ideas come to life while keeping our client’s end goal in mind.

Founded by Oran O'Beirne, Mainstage Design is a sister company to, Ireland's most popular metal/rock music news source. Oran has been involved in the music business for many years under various roles including artist management, music publicist, DJ, promoter and digital marketing strategist both in London and Dublin.

His passion and commitment for music has always been at the forefront of both Overdrive and Mainstage Design, giving both entities a beating heart that continues to strive forward with one thing in mind - music is everything!

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