Electronic Press Kits

Physical press kits with hard copies have almost completely gone out of style and have been replaced by the electronic press kit. The EPK, as it is known, is a traditional promo package in a digital form that enables an artist/venue to share booking/technical and media information with music industry professionals.

An electronic press kit should always contain the musician's biography and details about releases but can also include press photos, videos, upcoming tour dates, backline requirements and other marketing information.

All the content on EPKs is downloadable media meant to provide the reader or recipient with all information the necessary to include in a program, review, or article.

Mainstage Design's unique custom interactive EPK's are designed to showcase each artist's unique individuality when it comes to gaining exposure or potential booking and includes four free edits over an undisclosed period of time, based on our client's needs, which might include updating a new video or album release.

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